Architectural Consultation and Interior Design

The In-To-Tech Architectural consultation team is composed of a pool of professionals. Hence, project design and management is the bread and butter of our practice.

Here at In-To-Tech Philippines, we take design into an entirely new level.

Some of the more popular services that goes hand in hand with our design line-up includes:

- building documents management

- site and topology analysis

- architectural programming tools, as well as;

- project management.

Additionally, some of the more extensive description of services we offer include:

Project conceptualization

Tell us what your vision includes, what are your goals and how do you plan to achieve underlying objectives.   As we always say in In-To-Tech Philippines, "The drawing board is the last stage of your design, not the first step."

Design Draft

Before we draw the first line, both our teams will do extensive consultation and brain storming.  As a result, extensive consultation goes into this output as we attune ourselves to become sensitive to your design requirements.

Most of our clients opt to include related services as a given to the initial design phase of your project.  These include:

Cost Estimates

In this phase, both our teams do a close matching and projection of resources.   As our teams draft the logistic goals, we strive to maximize resources and at the same time closely adhere to your building goals.

Permits and Documentations

The project team is fully equipped to assist you with your documentation processing. Consequently, our Liaison officers provide a painless transition from the permits processing to the actual ground-breaking.

Contracting Phase

The In-to-Tech Philippines' team of contractors and developers offers a wide variety of options when it comes to project delivery and construction.  Our rates are guaranteed to give you the best value possible. Let us surprise you in terms of how more affordable projects are than you think.

Should you decide to work with other contractors, our consultants are more than fully capable of assisting you to look for the best project contractor should you decide to acquire a contracting service of your own.

Ground breaking and Project Management

Lastly, our team will give you a hands-on monitoring of the project including site visits, standards inspection as well as materials and workmanship monitoring.  We make sure that all parties adhere to the construction contract.


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