Structural Electrical Design and Consultation

The In-to-Tech Philippines structural electrical design is an outfit of In-to-Tech that deals with providing sound structural and electrical components of the project.

Structural EngineeringSection

For starters, structures should respond to the architectural requirements as well as project schedules and budget.

Incidentally, a well-designed structure needs cost analysis, materials evaluation, as well as great project delivery management.

With this in mind, the In-To-Tech Philippines, with its extensive engineering experience, is more than capable of providing for your design needs.  Hence, these structural services include:

- Building design evaluation

- Structural performance analysis

- Structure maintenance and rehabilitation

Electrical Engineering Section

Moreover, as a separate design section, the In-to-Tech Engineering Philippines Electrical Design services, provides expertise in electrical design.  Our team is skilled in designing new systems as well as old systems upgrade. Incidentally, we are adept in delivering services that include:

- Power distribution and analysis

- Electrical diagram development

- Equipment specifications

- Lighting design

- Generator design

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